Class of 1987

38 Graduates


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Bennett, Vennie
Carter, Antroinette
Chambers, Raquel
Clark, Sharnell
Day, Steve
Donaby, Eric
Gaines, Shawn
Gathing, Andrea
Gray, Ramona
Gregory, Janice
Guffin, Crystal
Hill, Damion
Holland, Jerry
Holmes, Patches
Hunt, Dayle
Jackson, Kevin
Johnson, Melanie
Jones, Gardner

Kilzer, Alan
Kimbrew, Pansy
Leake, Edith
Logan, Kenya
Marion, Petra
McKinney, Ruan
Moore, John
Morgan, Riley
Patterson, Janeen
Pearson, Torrence
Rainey, Tim
Reid, Carmen
Tally, Tracie
Taylor, Sabrina
Thomas, Anthony
Tolson, Greg
Washington, Alan
Washington, Mona
Wheelis, Pam
Young, Travis