Assumption Class of 1961 - 50th Reunion

Thursday, August 11, 2011 - Golf outing at Tamarack Golf Course

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Glen Bischof, John Higgins, Tom Petterson, Ed Williams Tom Boyer, Tom Boyer's cousin, John Nadziejko, Larry Yovandich

Jim Bradley, John Higgins, Curt Marchand, Joe Seper, Servio Garcia, Norm Miller Ed Daniels, Glen Bischof, Jim Wolf, Bob Soehnlin

Mike Glauber, Mike Burns, Jim Bradley, Paul Keeney Norm Miller, Leon Jennings, Tom Peterson, Bob Soehnlin. John Nadziejko. Larry Yovandich, Paul Keeney

Joe Seper, Ed Williams, Leon Jennings, Servio Garcia, Curt Marchand

Friday, August 12, 2011 - Casual get together at Shenanigan's

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Ed Daniels, Bill Utz Ed Gagen, Bill Utz, Mike Glauber

Stan Gregowicz, Wayne LaCroix, Ed Kramer Stan Gregowicz, Frank Vollmer, Mike Vigna

John Higgins, Eugene Shrodes Joe Landfried, Tom Blackburn, Glen Bischof

Joe Landfried, T.J. Moore Eugene Shrodes, Norm Miller, Ed Weiss, Frank Sudja, Andrew Yurko

Richard Timko, Andrew Yurko Charlie Voellinger, Wayne LaCroix

Jim Wolf, Ed Williams, Bob Soehnlin

Saturday, August 13, 2011 - Reunion Dinner/Dance at Four Points By Sheraton

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Glen Bischof, Mike Burns Tom Blackburn, Norm Miller, Mike Glauber

Tom Boyer Jim Bradley, Ed Kramer

Ed Williams, Jim Wolf, John Higgins, Ed Gagen, Tom Blackburn, Tom Peterson, Joe Landfried Ed Daniels

Stan Gregowicz Don Holdener

Leon Jennings, Curt Marchand, Mike Vigna, Vernon Schlecht, Bob Soehnlin Jim Wolf

Paul Keeney, T.J. Moore, Andrew Yurko, Ed Kramer, Denny Voegele, John Dill Paul Keeney, Denny Voegele, John Higgins, Jim Bradley, Joe Landfried

John Nadziejko, Ed Gagen, Paul Becherer Tom Petterson

Don Rafalowski, Anthony Forneris, Larry Yovandich Anthony Riester

Eugene Shrodes, Don Holdener Bob Soehnlin, Ed Williams, Jim Wolf, Frank Sudja, Tom Petterson

Charles Thompson, Tony Pawlow Mike Vigna, Tony Pawlow

Ed Williams, Jim Bradley, Leon Jennings, Mike Vigna Ed Williams, Frank Sudja

Ed Williams, Jim Wolf, Tom Blackburn Jim Wolf, T.J. Moore

Larry Yovandich, Don Rafalowski, Tony Pawlow, Mancinas?, Eugene Shrodes Larry Yovandich, T.K. Moore