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AHS - STA Classes of 1969 - 60th Birthday Bash

Saturday, September 17, 2011 - Tim and Joe's

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Becky Green Hagan, Pat Walsh Gunnwig

Lois, Arlene, Vicki Krieshok

Steve Patterson and wife, Don Barbour

John Herr and wife

Ben Malczewski, Jack Levy, Steve Ignatz, Harvey Kemezyz, Ken Keeney

Tim Maney, Pat Walsh?, Phil Daniels

Debbie Chochorowski Howard, Beth Miller Wegrzyn, Cindy Irby Haberberger, Nan Carney, DeeDee Bennett Cody

Kate Wiley Rogers, Debbie Chochorowski Howard

Arlene, Lois, ?

Linda Prelitz Holt, Jane Waldron Jones, Kathy Clifford Kirksey, Mary Ann Tutka

St Martin girls with Phil Rogers

Bill Thurston, Mike Haggarty, Ken Keeney, Rich Haberberger, Terry Flaharty Barbour

front is Becky Green Hagan, Jean Tutka Runner, back is Mary Ann Fahrner Smith, Virginia Wolf