New book about East St. Louis

Bill Nunes, a 1957 graduate of East Side and author of 6 books about East St. Louis, is doing one final book about that fine old city.    Titled "THE BIG BOOK OF EAST ST. LOUIS NOSTALGIA", it will be his biggest yet,   (about 380   8.5 x 11 inch pages and 700 pictures).

He is already 200 pages into it.   The book will contain history, churches, schools, sports pics, cheerleader pics, school activity group pics, lots of interviews, railroad history, businesses, neighborhoods, famous East St. Louisans, teen hangouts and much more.

If you want to be in the book you can call him and he will do a 20 minute phone interview.   If you have a group pic of 4 or more people   (no reunion pics, please)   you could send in an email to him.

The book should be out around November 12th and will sell for about $23.00.   You can buy it at Jan's Hallmark Stores or get an autographed copy directly from him.   As of now the book is a little light on St. Teresa material.   If you have an STA yearbook please call him.

Bill Nunes of Glen Carbon     618-288-5185